Always use a closing company

Timeshare closing services, transferring a timeshare

Sellers/Buyers - start with a timeshare sales agreement / timeshare sales contract. Once you have the written agreement between owner and purchaser, use a reputable time share closing firm like we have below.

- If you are renting (renter or owner) and need paperwork for a timeshare rental then you can go here:

If you buy or sell a timeshare and are wondering how to handle the timeshare closing and the paperwork to transfer a timeshare:

1. Use the sales contract to finalize the agreement between seller and buyer.

2. You need to use reputable legal firm like the ones below to handle your closing. They will handle the paperwork for sales and escrow the money for rentals. They use your sales contract to close the deal. Services include escrow for sales and rentals between the seller and the buyer/renter, a "no liens affidavit", closing statements, and holding money in escrow.

Resort Closings Duncan Realty and Escrow
PCS holdings
Land Title Florida
Always use a reputable closing company to transfer the ownership of a week.

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