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Interval International Timeshare Resorts

Interval International(II) is the second largest timeshare exchange company in the world. There is a II timeshare in all major parts of the word. You can find an Interval International time share by clicking one of the green links above.

Il is an organization which exists to facilitate the exchange of banked timeshare weeks. Interval owners deposit weeks into the exchange company's bank. This establishes a selection of weeks from which members can choose. Exchange value of timeshare weeks is established based on the demand of each week, the rating of the resort, amenities, size of the unit, and other factors.

Interval International uses a resort rating. This is a system of comparison of resort quality, amenities, and location. One of the foremost rating systems is theirs. II rate their affiliated resorts based upon predetermined criteria of exacting standards of quality and services provided by the timeshare resort as well as the availability of amenities at or near the resort. II designates their top timeshares as 5-Star resorts.

Il uses Red, Yellow, and Green in the same manner; other exchange companies use the designations High, Medium. and Low. Some locations and/or resorts are considered prime year-round, due to climate or demand.

Interval International uses
Red - High demand
Yellow/Amber - Middle demand
Green - Low demand

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